Spiro Dwenress

Founder of the Dwenressia Empire, Spiro Dwenress was called to unify the land of Gonroth by the goddess Erathis.

His Calling

Spiro had humble beginnings a minor warlord during the Age of Shadow. It is said that as he slept one night before a battle, Erathis appeared to Spiro.

Exactly what transpired is not known. What is known is that the following day, rather than enter into battle, Spiro met with his enemy and convinced him to join in a new vision of a unified land. As time passed many warlords and villages joined Spiro, and just as many refused and were crushed in the name of a new age.

The Fall

Though it is not known when, at some point during his campaign to unify Gonroth, Spiro fell from the light of Erathis to the tyranny of the dark god Bane. Compelled by a new found greed and lust for conquest, Spiro announced his intent to conquer the continent of Kolta. However, he was unable to embark on this new venture as his wife, Ialora, killed him as he slept to end the bloodshed.

Spiro Dwenress

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