The Immortal Empress

Ialora Dwenress, known as The Immortal Empress, is a demigod and the current ruler of the Dwenressia Empire. She has been the Empress for nearly 80 years.

Her Rise to Power

Her husband, Spiro Dwenress, was a devoted worshiper of Erathis and unified the races of Gonroth in the goddess’s name. Tragically, as the unification of the Empire was at hand, Spiro fell to the dark god Bane, who impelled him to increasing acts of bloodshed and greed in the name of a unified empire.

Legend has it that as Spiro slept one night, Ialora took it upon herself to end her husband’s growing tyranny and slew him with his own sword.

Her Gift of Immortality

The morning after Spiro’s death, Ialora openly admitted killing him to a crowd of countless thousands as she stood on the palace balcony. As the crowd’s outrage reached its peak, the goddess Erathis appeared before them. The multitude was awestruck as the goddess spoke of her joy at Ialora’s dedication to the new empire. She blessed Ialora with immortality, saying that only she was truly worthy of ruling the Empire for all time.

Immortal Empress

The Immortal Empress

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